Profile through weathered granite, Red Hill, 20 km east of Perth,

Western Australia. Samples are from a lecture course of

Prof. R.T. Pidgeon, held 2000 in Heidelberg, Germany

  • Medium grained granite with minor weathering   (RH 1)
  • Saprolite - weathered medium grained granite with residual texture   (RH 2)
  • bleached zone with accumulation of goethite patches. Residual texture is not evident.  (RH 3)
  • bleached zone with goethite segregations and with dissolution channels     (RH 4)
  • duricrust with hematite/goethite nodules in goethite/clay matrix with minor dissolution channels (RH 5)
  • pisolitic laterite with well-developed onion-textured pisolites, and with nodular cores, set in an aluminous goethite matrix  (RH 6)                    
  • loose pisolites, mounted and sectioned  (RH 7)